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We were referred to CCCG to help us out with our cash out refinance request on our

warehouse facility. CCCG put us together with a great lender who offered us the best program. I would recommend her to any of my friends that are seeking a loan. 

J.M., Los Angeles, CA. 

Thanks to Karin's industry expertise she was able to refinance our auto dealership plus arrange a working capital line!

O.M. Glendale, CA.

Karin is the only consultant that we found who was able to handle our very complex construction transaction. She has what it takes to get the job done!

J. C., Downey, CA. 

Property Types                 

  • ​​​Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Religious
  • Medical
  • Multifamily
  • Single Tenant
  • Gas Stations
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Land

Commercial Construction loans

Smart Developers understand the importance of Pre-Qualifying for a commercial construction loan at the onset of the planning processes whether it be for master planned project, multi-family build, office building, or a franchise development. Developers are traditionally required to have "some skin in the game".  

Knowing how the underwriting process works will prepare most developers and also assist in the decision making process long before the ground is broken on any project. Most Lenders will look at the project in two ways when underwriting:  What is the end value  (Loan to Value) and what are the building costs (Loan to Cost).  Lenders may have differing qualifying ratios depending on project risk type.  Being educated upfront saves time, money, and effort on every project. 

CCCG has built over years the necessary relationships making it possible for developers and contractors to get the funds for their construction projects from construction to permanent loan status. CCCG also has private equity loans available for those projects that don't fit into the typical boxes that some lenders require. 

Qualifying your loan

Our "Commercial Loan Checklist" is concise and to the point giving our clients a good idea on how to get started. The documents below are standard requirements for most lenders: 

Commercial Loan Checklist:
 _____ Executive Summary (about project)
_____ Legal Name of Borrower
_____ Articles of Incorporation
_____ Partnership Agreement
_____ Fictitious Name Statement (if applicable)
_____ Three Years Business Financial Statements
_____ Three Years Business Tax Returns
_____ YTD Interim Business Financial Statement
_____ Personal Financial Statement Detailed (principle with 20% + ownership)
_____ Three Years Personal Tax Returns (K-1s if applicable)
_____ Accounts Receivable Aging (if applicable)
_____ Accounts Payable Aging (if applicable)
_____ Brochure and/or Memo Regarding History of Business
_____ Copies of Two Months Bank Personal, Business Statements
_____ Schedule of Real Estate
_____ Two Years Rental Operating History (Rent Roll & Operating Statement-if applicable)

For Construction Loans:

  • All Purchase Agreements/Escrow Instructions
  • All Approved Plans and Permits and Structurals/Architectural Drawings and Renderings
  • All Conditions of Approval
  • Contractor’s Contract and Resume
  • Cost Analysis, Cost Breakdowns and/or Proformas
  • All Soils, Geological and Environmental Reports (if available)
  • Existing Comparables and Rent Schedules (if applicable)
  • New or Existing Leases or Letter of Intent to Lease

Our Services                  

  • ​​​Commercial Lending
  • Commercial Construction Loans/Project Mgt.

  • Commercial Lines of Credit

  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

  • Franchise Lending

  • Private Equity

  • Healthcare Financing

  • Multifamily Financing

  • Energy Financing

  • Municipal/Transportation Financing

  • Residential Lending

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